Student Organizations

Student Organizations, Societies and Clubs

Central Student Government KAKAYAHAN NG MGA SAMAHANG PINAGSAMA-SAMA (a.k.a. CSG KASAPI). This organization leads all student organizations in SMC in advocating the welfare of the studentry while adhering to the core values that the school embodies. It trains individuals to be competent in the areas of leadership and management for the future realization of their chosen careers.

BANWAG. This is the official student publication of SMC Higher Education Department, as well as an organization of campus journalists who represent the voice of the Michaelites. It promotes self-expression, social awareness, journalistic talents and ethics.

SMC CHORALE. This organization amplifies the wonders of music through discovering and enhancing talents while building the self-confidence of its members. It serves by means of performing choral and other entertaining musical activities that promote positive social transformation in and off campus.

ARCHANGELS BASKETBALL VARSITY. This is an organization of students who exhibit exceptional skills in playing basketball. It is the principal athletic team representing SMC, and competes against the principal athletic teams of other colleges/universities. The members display the spirit of sportsmanship through healthy and friendly competition in and off campus.

LAKBAY BUHAY SOCIETY. This society is composed of students who excel in different kinds of dances. It promotes and enhances the artistic talents of the students through performances in school and community activities.

SMC BRASS BAND. This society is composed of students who excel in playing marching instruments. It provides music during formal and other special occasions of the institution.

CLUSTER MINDS SOCIETY. This society is intended for computer, multi-media, and internet/ website enthusiasts, press documentation, among others. Likewise, they assist the Information Technology Center (ITC).

JUNIOR PHILIPPINE INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTANTS (JPIA). It is a unifying organization that seeks to create an academic atmosphere conducive to the educational advancement of students in the field of accountancy. It sponsors activities that provide exposure of students to the actual practice of accounting in business life, as well as develop civic consciousness and discipline among its members.

HRM YOUNG AMBASSADORS SOCIETY. This society promotes holistic learning in training students to apply knowledge and principles in the operation and management of hotels, resorts and restaurants. HRM students are prepared to be competent individuals through formal instruction and practicum in local, national and international linkages.

PHILIPPINE NURSING STUDENT ASSOCIATION (PNSA). This organization is exclusive for the Nursing students.

VANGUARD SOCIETY. This society is composed of SMC students trained in military tactics/ advanced ROTC and serves as peacekeeping officers during school activities as lead by the Criminology students. These students embody discipline, courage and leadership while preparing for their future careers.

JOSE RIZAL HONORS SOCIETY. This society is composed of Deans%u2019 Listers of current semesters providing academic programs and trainings, etc to underachievers of various colleges. They also represent the school for co-curricular competitions outside the campus – local, national and even international.

PSYCHELITE SOCIETY. This society devotes itself to aid in the intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth of the studentry. This goal is achieved through self-assessment activities, guidance services, symposia, and support of less fortunate individuals in society.

SAGE SOCIETY. This society houses promising individuals who are trained in the art of speaking and argumentation. Their knowledge and skills are enhanced through debates in and off campus.

MOTHER IGNACIA SOCIETY. This society is composed of students who value and further promote the life of Mother Ignacia in and off campus. Its members support the endeavors of Religious Studies, Campus Ministry as well as other religious affairs of the School.

EMERGENCY RESPONDERS SOCIETY. This society is composed of students who provide first aid during activities of the school. They are also health promoter of the school.

ASSOCIATION OF COMBINED TALENTS IN SPORTS (ACTS) SOCIETY. This society is composed of students who have talents/ skills in various sports such as volleyball, badminton, karate, freebies, among others.