Registrar & Finance Office

Registrar and Finance Office

The VICE PRESIDENT FOR FINANCE is vested with the responsibility of carrying out the financial and business policies of the institution.

Registrar’s Office

The office aims to provide services related to student’s enrolment, promotion, graduation, transfer, dismissal, alumni records and other pertinent records that actually reflect the academic status and alumni of the school. It complies with requests for scholastic records; prepares and submits reports/documents required by CHED; and safeguards the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of all records and materials processed in the office.

  • The office ensures the validity and authenticity of all records submitted for enrolment. It assists the Deans in evaluating student’s subject loads;
  • It prepares and disseminates schedules of classes;
  • It accomplishes and submits required reports to CHED, Presidents, VPs College Deans and other school officials;
  • The office is responsible for applications for approval of the School
  • Calendar, permits for new courses and non-accredited courses;
  • It makes the requests for Form 137-A and Transcript of Records (TOR);
  • It is responsible for the issuance of Honorable Dismissal, Special Orders, TOR, Diplomas, Report Cards, Permit to cross-enroll.

A notice of at least one week should be given by the student who wishes to secure a copy of his or her collegiate records. Requests of TOR and other official school documents shall not exceed thirty (30) days upon the receipt.

A certificate of Transfer Credential (Honorable Dismissal) should be requested from the Registrar when circumstances render such a step necessary. This certificate should be requested for as soon as a student decides to discontinue his or her studies at SMC. In order to secure this certification, the same clearance for taking final examinations is required.

The TOR is a complete record of a student’s work in the School. It may be official (with school seal and signature of Registrar) or unofficial and may be requested at the Registrar’s Office.

  • TOR intended to transfer credits of a student or graduate to another institution of learning is official and may not be hand-carried, but is sent directly from the Registrar’s Office to the school which the student or graduate wishes to transfer credits to. Such TOR may only be sent to the Registrar’s Office to another school if and when the student or graduate has filed for Transfer Credential and upon receipt of the request from the requesting school;
  • TOR intended for evaluation by a school for possible admission, whether for continuance of studies or for further studies, should be official. It shall be marked “For Evaluation Purposes Only” and may be hand-carried;
  • TOR intended for employment purposes whether complete (graduate) or not, should be official. It shall be marked “For Employment Purposes Only” and may be hand-carried;
  • TOR intended for other purposes, whether complete (graduate) or not, may be unofficial, without any markings, and may be hand-carried.

In meritorious cases, a student may apply to drop from all courses or not enroll for a specific term(s) by filing a Leave of Absence (LOA) noted by College Dean, approved by the VPAA and the Registrar. No leave of absence forms will be processed after the midterm except for special cases endorsed by the College Dean to the Registrar. In order for the return to be granted, a student with a valid LOA for all the semesters of absence proceeds to the Registrar’s Office at least a week before the start of classes to enroll for the following term.

  • A student without a valid LOA for all the semesters of absence is considered to be on Absence without Leave (AWOL). As such, he/she should proceed to the Registrar at least two (2) weeks before the start of classes for procedures to apply for re-admission and enrollment for the following term. Returning students on AWOL shall be assessed a returnee fee.
  • Any leave of absence, or extension of a leave, not formally noted by College Dean, approved by the VPAA and the Registrar, shall be considered as AWOL in which case SMC reserves the right to refuse to re-admit the student;
  • Any student applying for LOA within two (2) weeks after the beginning of classes should be refunded that portion of the fees he or she paid in accordance with CHED ruling.