Basic Education

Motivated by the Ignacian Marian culture, St. Michael’s College nurtures and builds up capabilities of students towards moral and communal responsibility for a renewed society.

We commit ourselves to:
1. Uphold a friendly and harmonious environment;
2. Provide worthwhile learning experiences for holistic development;
3. Form leaders who witness to Ignacian Marian values of faith, excellence and service;
4. Enrich human and material resources; and
5. strengthen activities/programs for the poor.


  • As a Catholic School, St. Michael’s College works for the development of the whole person who recognizes one’s Christian role of exemplifying ethical and corporate responsibilities in a humane society through a constant encounter with Jesus Christ and others
  • As a Filipino school, St. Michael’s College is dedicated to the task of producing well-rounded citizens who can preserve and witness to relevant and wholesome Filipino culture, values and attitudes.
  • As an RVM school, St. Michael’s College is committed to the Christian formation of Ignacian Marian Leaders who are imbued with Ignacian Spirituality and live simply to serve God and creation.


In seeking to accomplish its mission, St. Michael’s College, Basic Education Department aims to:

  • Pre-School
    • Present models for imitation that will make him/her see GOD as a Father and all people and things around him as gifts.
    • Employ learning experiences that will allow him/her to think and do things independently within the limits of his maturity.
    • Provide opportunities that will inspire him/her to practice desirable social behavior in his relation with other children as well as adults.
    • Use experiential approaches which will help him/her manifest psychomotor coordination for effective performance befitting his/her age.
    • Provide learning opportunities that will allow him/her to manifest reading readiness in English, Filipino, Science and in Mathematics.
  • Grade School
    • Provide the basic knowledge and develop the foundation skills, attitudes, and values, including moral and spiritual dimensions essential to the child’s personal development and necessary for living in and contributing to a developing and changing social and effective involvement.
    • Increase the child’s awareness of and responsiveness to the changes in society, and to prepare him/her for constructive and effective involvement.
    • Intensify the child’s knowledge of identification with, and love for the nation and the people by providing worthwhile learning opportunities.
    • Enhance the child’s orientation to the world of work and creativity in order to prepare him/her to engage in honest and gainful work.
    • Provide learning experiences which allow him/her to grow in faith in God and concern for others especially for the poor.

    The foregoing provisions are based on Section 2 of Batasang Pambansa (BP) 232. The above stated objectives of the elementary education contemplate the 4-H ( head, heart, hands, health) development of the youth dealing with the promotion of intellectual growth, worthy values, skills, and physical well-being ( Sarmiento, 1995)

  • High School
    • Journey with the students and guide them to grow in faith, love and justice towards becoming committed and service-oriented individuals.
    • Create relevant and dynamic curricular and co-curricular programs to prepare them for whatever course they may pursue and for adult life.
    • Develop well integrated mature individuals deeply imbued with Ignacian Marian values for authentic Christian life.
    • Provide the students with opportunities towards building responsible citizenship and genuine pride in their cultural heritage as Filipinos who are conscious of the world situation in general and of the Philippines in particular.
    • Offer relevant and meaningful activities in the school and community where students are at home with God in their service to others especially the weak and the needy.
  • Kindergarten
  • Grade School
  • Junior High School
  • Senior High School

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