SMC Murmurs: The New Connotation of Freedom of Speech (Opinion)

The idea of the whole Freedom of Speech is a very delicate thing to touch, especially if put in the hands of a frustrated student. A student like that knows nothing better than to pour out all their thoughts into words, building an empire of their frustrations and mixed feelings. Freedom is ironically not absolute and as much as it is widely craved, too much of it can destroy.
The popular Facebook page, SMC Murmurs, is a folio of Michaelite students given the opportunity to express themselves freely. Some of them make it as their online diary, where their deepest thoughts are easily typed and posted than written and kept secret. But the majority compose posts that contain their concerns, mostly complaints, about the school. However, we are oblivious to the composers of these posts as they are kept anonymous. Moreover, we are oblivious to the admin of the page. The issues about this secret page were put in flames when its followers have recently shared numerous of their offensive posts. Posts entitled, “Si Sister”, “Way Pulos”, “Reply Nako sa Genius Comments”, “Pinugos Permi”, “Puro Beauty way Brain”, “Maam Top”, “Iyang Buhok mas Taas pas Iyang Sayal”, “The Who” are just the very few of the rolling posts on the page. With every share of these posts, the page has become infamous by the minute, arousing anger and disappointment among the rest of the Michaelites. They perceive these posts not only to be offensive and shameful but destructive towards the school’s credibility.
As students, we may or we may not always agree with the ways of the school, but still, we are students and our obligation to abide by the rules is not more than their obligation to educate us. As far as we are concerned, SMC is not lacking in that department. Problems with tuition? Approach the counselor. Other options can always be opened for those in dire need of them. Problems with grades? Approach the subject teacher. No student gets a grade they don’t deserve. Problems with school activities and mass offerings? Students who complain about this need to be reminded of the orientation conducted last semester. If they can’t stand to be in school for eight hours, they might as well be absent but think of the consequences for that action. Problems with food in the canteen being too expensive? What are packed lunches for? Problems are called problems because they have solutions, and one does not find them through vulgarity.
Instead of vociferating it all out publicly and disgracefully on social media, concerns can always be addressed politely and appropriately to the school authorities because people outside the walls of the school can grab an eye on these posts. The school’s credibility as a haven of faith, excellence and service, and the students’ credibility as Michaelites will reduce to nothing.
The school could be or could not be oblivious to this issue, nevertheless, something has to be done about SMC Murmurs.
Editorial Cartoon: Khrys Laurence G. Ompad