Musikahan sa SMC rocks Buwan ng Wika 2017

Januette Ross Maydel Lluisma
In celebration for the Buwan ng Wika, Michalites gathered at the student lounge to witness the talented students showcase their singing prowess through Original Pinoy Music (OPM) on August 11, 2017.
With the theme “Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago”, college and senior high school students, and teachers gathered around to listen OPM sang and played by the performers. The affair was formally opened by Ms. Christine Javier telling the audience to observe the 5S plus 1 and not to create much noise as the students set up their musical instruments. As the first song was being played, the crowd was roaring in exult. The highlight of the said event was when the audience cannot control their “kilig” when a lead singer, Luke Padilla, came to the audience to grab random girls to sing to in front of the crowd thus, making the audience unable to control their loud shrieking.
The next set of performers performed lively rock music and caused the crowd to sing along, rock on and unleash their inner rockstars. The third and last performers of the Senior High School department performed a music genre just like the first performers, they played a chill jam. Students singing along were visible. Others were reminiscing the classic OPM songs and others were also discovering new music. The event was very successful and was sending good vibes to the people listening and witnessing the said affair. The said event was held so that the students may be able to enjoy the music that the Filipino artists were pouring all their hearts and their passion through their songs some of which were not fully appreciated in the current generation.
Musikahan has also been conducted at the Basic Education Department and is said to be performed every friday of the month of August.