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Date August 13, 2012 - Monday   Author by: Charrie Mae G. Yuag

          It was a memorable and significant day for the Second year level nursing students Batch Genezens to finally reap their fruits of labor through their Capping and Badging Investiture with the theme “Caring Without End: A Challenge to Michaelite Nurses”, held last July 30, 2012 at 8:00 A.M at St. Michael’s College Auditorium.



The students gathered themselves in the venue prior to processional march. As the ceremony started the students arranged themselves by pairs and walked their way to the center and continued towards their respective chairs with the accompaniment of a soft and beautiful music. A Eucharistic celebration then followed presided by Rev. Fr. Illah Leo Agbene, CSSp. The clinical instructors, the visitors and the administrators had their own processions up on stage to their respective places.



The presentation of candidates then followed from which, was the very highlight of the program which was presented by Vincentino Michael P. Librado, MN, RN, Dean of Nursing in the presence of the School Vice Presidents and other invited administrators. There were 19 candidates of the Level II Batch Genezens: 15 females and 4 males. Afterwards, each student nurses marched up on stage holding a lamp with a candle and a pink rose and received a cap (for the girls) and a badge (for the boys). Then, Geneveve N. Baes, RN, MN dressed beautifully as the “Lady of the Lamp” (Florence Nightingale) walked gracefully as she went on the center and proceeded to the stage to light the Lamp that she carried on the Big Candle Stand. She lighted the lamp and went back down to the Risers. Afterwards, the first column of nursing students went one by one to Geneveve N. Baes, RN, MN, to light their own candles inside the lamp and passed the lighted flame of candle to their respective classmates systematically.


Subsequently, Anna Lou C. Livera, RN, MN, a clinical instructor introduced the guest speaker, Jesson T. Mangilisan, RN, who is an alumnus of SMC. He expressed his words of wisdom when he shared his experiences when he was still a nursing student in SMC. “Nurses must work hard and never fear to accept challenges and trials in life; they must never give up and must go on, then there success and triumphs will be added.” He added that when he was still a Second year student in SMC, he had this the same feeling felt with the Batch Genezens who is going to risk and undertake another chapter of their life and face the world of nursing, which the feeling of anxiety, curiosity and other feelings existed within their nerves which would make it as a mixed emotional feelings. He also uttered in his speech that “Registered Filipino Nurses who work abroad are much better than foreign nurses in which Filipino nurses are more compassionate and have shown more tender loving care compared to the foreign nurses which are somewhat lazy”, which is stated as a true fact since Mr. Mangilisan was indeed a working nurse in the country Libya. After the speech, Evangeline B. Mananquil, RN, MN, leaded the Nightingale’s Pledge that was heartily pledge by all dedicated nurses present in the venue. * Nightingale’s Pledge is an oath applicable to all committed and dedicated nurses of keeping one’s vocation of consistently caring for the sick, the dying and the well person that nurses should do and prevent their patients which are the recipients of their care from any possible dangers or harm which could violate their dignity and safety. After the Nightingale’s Pledge, Mae F. Cabigon, RN, MN, leaded the SMC Nurse’s Prayer. Lastly, the event would not be meaningful without a batch song thus, the batch Genezens sung their batch song with all their heart and soul entitled “WIN” which was popularized by Brian Mcknight which the stanzas of the song; “I’ll never give up, Never Give in, Never let a ray of doubt slip in, And If I fall, I’ll never fail, I’ll just get up and try again” is the most touching one.


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